Why You Need to Chose Bluehost For Website Hosting

Bluehost has been a Top Web Hosting Company for some serious time now.

I love Bluehost and I host multiple websites with them because I can trust them. I have never once went to one of my Bluehost operated websites and noticed any server downtime or slowness of speed.

Get this people, we are all looking for SEO advantages right? Well having a server that is always up is a huge advantage. Google doesn’t want to index or promote your website to the front page if your server is always down. You don’t have to worry about that happening with Bluehost.

If you follow my blog you will notice I created an in-depth tutorial on How to Create a Website with Bluehost, it’s a picture by picture tutorial from start to finish that will make your life so much easier. Please check it out if you want to create your website the proper way. The very start of your website can be something that determines your future, even years down the road. Don’t make a mistake at first.

Bluehost is the Best Hosting Company Online

Ever watch Television for even half a second? Ok, well then you have heard of GoDaddy. Now I’m not going to bash GoDaddy but I have seen a couple clients website’s of mine that used GoDaddy and they ran slower then my top hosting companies. Here’s the problem with a company that advertises on TV, most of the viewing public doesn’t realize there’s other options and they trust the name because it has been embedded in our skulls. Look if you want to try them be my guest, it might actually work out for you, I have no idea personally.

What I do know is there are way better options out there. Hostgator is another one of my favorites besides Bluehost, but people seem to be turned off by the allowance of adult content on Hostgator. Personally I don’t mind but I’m not one to care much about pointless stuff.

Now more about Bluehost, My first ever website that I created, when I was 13 years old, was with Bluehost. I am now 22 years old and I am still using Bluehost! That’s about 10 years of using a company, here’s a question for you. How many companies do you know that last longer then 5 years? Especially online? I’d say more fail than are successful. I believe Bluehost has been around since 1999! They have only improved since the beginning and they will only continue to improve.

You Can Trust Bluehost With Your Website

I view my traffic as “elite” traffic. You guys reading this found this site because I put certain methods in place. You are the top of the top when it comes to internet surfers. Plus you want to be able to have your very own website, just like Popular Blog Site. Well guess what? Nothing is stopping you! Let’s cut to the chase.

Right Here is the Tutorial on How to Sign Up with Bluehost

This is where you will find How to Create a Website in General

Do you feel like you don’t even need a tutorial or a step by step guide to start using Bluehost? I am impressed, here is my direct affiliate link to Bluehost. Here’s the honesty coming in right now, I get paid every time I refer someone to Bluehost as long as they register. I know there are a ton of people out there just looking to make money, yes I am looking to make some extra cash but I’m promoting you an excellent host. I could get the same amount of money promoting GoDaddy or etc. I wanted to only bring my “elite” visitors to products that work.

Why trust me though? Well I have been at it for over 10 years and I’m not going to guide you in the wrong direction. Do you trust Bluehost but aren’t so sure about me? Well feel comfortable knowing that Bluehost also has trust in me, check out this tweet for example.

bluehost tweet

I’ve talked way to much here…Set yourself up with a Bluehost account right now!

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What’s the Easiest Way To Create a Website? WordPress

The easiest way by far to creating a website is to use WordPress.

WordPress is really the standard right now for people building their very own websites because it is easy to use and highly configurable. Almost every single website I do is with WordPress. What I do is purchase my domain name, and if you need help with that check out my step by step guide, and then I install WordPress to the root directory of my website.

Once WordPress is installed in your root directory, you don’t really even have to go into your server anymore because you can control everything from the WordPress platform.

WordPress Makes it Easy

If you read my step by step guide in creating a website, you will know that WordPress is able to be installed directly from your bluehost server. They offer WordPress directly on cPanel which makes it very easy to install. If your server does not offer WordPress, just go to WordPress.org and download the newest version and upload it to your root directory.

Once you upload it to your main index, you just click on the install.php link and it will navigate you through it all. Then WordPress is officially set up and you won’t have to worry about uploading or installing anything else to your main index or root files.

Once I come out with the eBook for How to Create a Website Online, which includes how to create a .com website, and also how to install WordPress and use every single aspect,you will have everything you need in order to succeed with your very own domain name.

How to Create a Website Online eBook Release Date

We here at How to Create a Website Online are going to be releasing an eBook that with have specific information that will go more in depth then our already in depth website.

The eBook is going to be released sometime in February or at the latest March and you will be able to purchase it directly from this website.

As the time comes closer, we will be keeping you updated on exactly what the book is going to be explaining, and the official launch date. Most books that offer this must knowledge can normally run over $99.99 but this book will definitely be much cheaper than that. We actually enjoy giving people the proper knowledge and it bugs us seeing people with poor websites or improper knowledge.

How to Create a Website eBook

This eBook will show you exactly and specifically How to Create a Website Online from start to finish and how to handle problems that may occur in the future. For now, we offer a wide arrangement of free information directly on our website but we want to go more in depth and more informative in this book and provide you with information and pictures to help out.

The book will most likely cost around $36.95 and the month we decide to release it, it will be offered at a sales price for that entire month. If you need to register a website right now and are to impatient to wait for the eBook, then please check out our Step by Step Guide to Creating a Website with Bluehost. That would definitely be your best option.

How to Create a .com Website – Build a .com

You want to Create a .com website if you want to be prominent in the online community.

A free website just isn’t going to cut it in the online world if your trying to accomplish success via internet. If you own your own local business, you would want to buy a website URL especially.

It’s actually very easy to do and How to Create a Website Online can provide you with the tools to succeed in creating a .com website of your very own. We are going to tell you a few good reasons why you should choose a .com website instead of a free subdomain.

The Benefits if you Create a .com Website

There are thousands of good reasons to own your very own website and we are going to just go over a couple of them that are key to your success.

key success create com website

1. Owning a website domain name, or a URL, means that everything unique you post or publish on their if owned by you. For instance, if you publish a document and upload it to your domain name and server, you own that content. A reverse example is uploading a video on YouTube, in their agreement when you sign up, they can do whatever they want with your content.

2. You have a direct URL address that your customers or blog viewers can go to and people will trust you more simply because it is a .com website.

3. One final thing you benefit from is being able to do whatever you want. You control your entire content and can publish anything you want with your .com website.

Create a .com Website and utilize our Bluehost Step by Step Guide to help you out.

Create a Website With Bluehost (.com)

Bluehost has been a great host for us for many, many years and we want to share our experience with you.

We have created a Step by Step Guide on How to Create a Website with Bluehost and we have also created a video for it.

Having a website is an important staple in your business endeavors and nothing makes it worse then a host that doesn’t care. How many times have you gone to a website only to witness a slow loading time or just things not functioning properly? With our word, we promise you that Bluehost is the best hosting company you could ever consider using.

Why Use Bluehost? Can I Create a .com with Bluehost?

You can create a .com with Bluehost in minutes and we show you exactly how to sign up with our video and our Step by Step Guide. Creating a .com website is much more recommended then having a free website in our opinion. People tend to give more respect to an actual URL or Domain Name then a free website. Also, if you do own your own .com website, you also have control of all the content you place on it. You also own all the content that you upload to it, as long as that content is original and rightfully yours of course.

Our experience with Bluehost has been beyond excellent. We have been using Bluehost since 1999 with our website projects, and we will continue to use them every time. They offer the cheapest prices for hosting with the most reliable servers and customer support team. We can not remember a single time our server was down and that’s saying a lot more than most hosting companies.

If you are just starting out or are a professional, we suggest you sign up with Bluehost right away.

Click on our affiliate link right here to quickly sign up to bluehost right now.

How to Create a Website Online with Bluehost (Step by Step Guide)


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Create a Website Online With Our Help

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We have over 12 years of website experience including all of the vast scenarios that you get involved with when dealing with a .com name or even a free website. We want to help you to the best of our abilities and guess what, all this information is listed for free. We wish that we had this must knowledge when we started but it feels great knowing that we can spread our website creating power to you.

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