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Buying Your Very Own Website Has Never Been Easier

Buying Your Website So you want to Buy your very own Website? Well you have come to the right place! Every single day people are starting up their own website. Whether it is for their small business, or maybe even starting an online business, tons of people are just starting now. If you think it’s […]

How to Create a Favicon for Your Website

How to Create a Favicon for Your Website Creating and Uploading a Favicon or a “Favorite Icon” is very easy to do. Once you create the Favicon, you need to upload it to your website. Let us show you exactly how to start from scratch and finish a website favicon. Using a Favicon Generator – […]

Buying a Hosting Plan – Website Hosting Services

Buying a Hosting Plan – Website Hosting Services Buying a Hosting Plan for your website is something you are going to need unless you just plan on selling a domain name without putting a backbone behind it. A website hosting plan is the muscle behind your website and is exactly what provides you with the […]

Buying a Domain Name Tips – Helpful Guide

Buying a Domain Name Buying a Domain Name is something you may consider if you own your own business, want to start your own business, or you just want to create a blog and express your opinions on anything you want. Buying an actual domain name is the best way to go because it gives […]

Making things more simple for you!

Making things more simple for you! Welcome to How to Create a Website Online and we are more than happy you found us! I spent the last couple days redesigning the entire website to make things more simple. I want to make sure every possible tutorial and how-to guide is filled out in the most […]

Why You Need to Chose Bluehost For Website Hosting

Bluehost has been a Top Web Hosting Company for some serious time now. I love Bluehost and I host multiple websites with them because I can trust them. I have never once went to one of my Bluehost operated websites and noticed any server downtime or slowness of speed. Get this people, we are all […]