If you are going to have your own website, you need to create your own email address. We are going to show you exactly how to create an email address that with have your own unique URL attached at the end.

Example: “fakeemail@howtocreateawebsiteonline.com”

Create an Email Address

Let’s create an email address for your website right now. A typical first email account you would create is an “admin” account.


Sign in to your control panel and find the icon that says “Email Accounts”

email accounts

Click on Email Accounts and that will bring you to your next screen. This is where you will be creating an email address.

Create an Email Address

You will need to fill in your Email, Password, and Your Mailbox Quota. Your email name can be whatever you want, it’s your email in the first place so be creative. We definitely suggest you use a unique password that you have never used before. If someone get’s access to your email address, they pretty much have access to every thing else that’s attached to that email. The “Password Generator” is a valuable tool to use if you can’t create one yourself.

Now the Mailbox Quota is good to have especially if you have bandwidth limits every month you need to control. If you feel like you won’t get spam email, and you can control your mailbox on a daily basis, then feel free to check off the “Unlimited” radio button. You don’t want to have an important email not sent to you because your mailbox is too full.

Fill out the fields and click on “Create Account”

Create Email Filled Out

As you can see in the image above, we have created an email with a “Very Strong (100/100)” password and we suggest you do the same. This is just an example email address and it doesn’t really exist on our server.

Click on Create Account and if it worked, you will see this:

Email Account Created

Once your account is created, below you will see a list of all the email accounts on your server.

Email List

Congratulations, you have created your email address! Make sure you Create an Email Address right after you register your domain name and hosting company because you need some way for people to contact you. We suggest you make an “Admin” account, and a more personal account when you go and create an email address.