A Blog is a website where you can express your thoughts and opinions and have free range to say whatever you want.

There are a bunch of business websites that offer a blog link within as well. The exact definition of a blog is a Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis. Thankfully, the owners of “Blog.com” offer you just that. The opportunity to create a free Blog website using their website.

Let’s get started and show you exactly how to create a free blog using Blog.com

Make Sure Your On Blog.com

As easy as this step seems, trust us, some people make this mistake. Make sure that you are on the correct website. The correct website is Blog.com which you can click on or type it in to your browser.

It should look like this:

Blog URL

Now that you confirmed you are on the correct website, let’s create a free blog website.

Create a Free Blog

Blog.com offers you with the best domain name for free according to them and they also go on to state “Start your blog at the best possible Internet real estate. You’ll get an address that looks like you.blog.com. It’s the virtual equivalent of your own island in Dubai, mansion in Monte Carlo or a Manhattan flat overlooking Central Park.” – http://blog.com/features/

So how do I create a Blog then? Well it’s easy.

First you need to register an account so what you will need is a valid email address. Click on “Sign Up and start blogging for free!”

Blog Com Getting Started

Once you click on Sign Up you will be sent to a page to create your free blog account.

Blog Com Sign Up

Type in your Email Address, and come up with a good password. We suggest you use Capitol Letters, Numbers, and Symbols, this way your password is very hard to figure out for hackers. Then you will have to fill out the Captcha code, which sometimes can be near impossible to read, but for this tutorial we got an easy one. We had to type in “Take it All” as you can see above.

You want to create a free blog so make sure you click the radio button that says “Gimme a blog!” and hit “Next –>”

Choosing a Free Domain Name

This is the most important part about the process. Your domain name is the link that you will use to link other people to your website. We decided to go with “Howtocreateawebsiteonline.blog.com” which was available. If the domain of your choice is not available, they will let you know right then and there. Next is the Blog Title. We name our blog title related to the URL name, “How to Create a Website Online” and then clicked on “Start Blogging!”

Create Blog com

After you click on Start Blogging, your free blog website account is created!

Don’t Be Tempted (Better Option Instead)

Blog.com is going to try and get you to buy a real domain name during the process. Think of it as an impulse soda purchase while waiting at line in the grocery store. We suggest you DON’T do it. If you do want an actual “.com” website of your own we suggest you check out our Bluehost (Step by Step) Tutorial which is the best bang for your buck, in our opinion.

Redirect Blog Com

Click on where it says “No thanks, keep it under Blog.com for free.”

Free Blog Created, Email Activation

Congratulations, your free blog with Blog.com is created.

Account Created Email Confirm

All that is left to do now is activate your free blog account by checking your email address. Go log in to your email address that you used to sign up your website, and click on the confirmation link.

(If you need help figuring out your email accounts, please click here.)

Your Email Confirmation from Blog.com should look like this:

Email Confirmation

Open the email and click on the confirmation link which will bring you to your free blog dashboard.

Finshed Blog Com ScreenshotClick on the Image to make it larger

There you have it! Your own free blog with Blog.com. It’s very simple to use their interface and they offer you the many tools needed to start your very own blog and it’s all for free. Thank You for reading our tutorial.