This is an exact tutorial including pictures on how to create your very own free website with

Webs offers a very easy to use website builder program and makes it very easy to make a professional looking website for free. Coming directly from, “Webs has become the world’s largest do-it-yourself website-creation solution. 40 million sites have been built with Webs and, together, these sites receive 300 million page views each month.

Clearly, our customers trust us to help them create, manage and host their websites.” With that being said, it gives you confidence going with them before investing your time with them.

Step 1 – Make Sure You Go To “”

webs This is what the Domain name is. You should see this on the Top of your web browser.

webs_screenshotScreenshot of Webs Taken on 12/30/2012

Step 2 – Creating Your Account

Creating your account with is very simple. If you go to the front page you will want to go to “Create an account for Free!” which you can see in the image below.




You will need an email address and a password. From there, you can select 3 different types of accounts. For this Tutorial we decided to chose “Personal”. After you select which one you want to chose, click on “Get Started”





If everything went accurately, you will see an image pop up on the top of your screen saying “Congratulations, you’ve successfully created your Webs Account.
Let’s start creating your first site!” which looks like this:


Step 3 – Setting Up Your Account

You will need to come up with a Title for your website and the proper category as well. For this tutorial, We decided to go with “Air Traveling” as our Title, and we did the “Personal” category because “Travel” was listed in their site category section.


The next thing that you want to do with is to select which theme you are going to use for your free website. Don’t get too stressed out about how your website looks now because you can always change and adjust your theme at a later time. For now, try to select a theme that can be related to your website. Ex- If your doing a website about “Making Money” try to find a theme with dollar signs. Since we decided for this tutorial to use air travel, we picked a theme that mentioned “The sky’s The Limit” as you can see below:


Now that you have your theme selected, you need to tell webs what pages you want on your website. They offer a list of recommended pages and we suggest you choose those ones for now. You can always delete or add pages in the future so don’t worry about these too much for now. The recommended pages are “Home, About, Photo Gallery, Videos, and Members”. They also have 2 additional pages mentioned called “Interests and Guestbook”. For now, we left Interests and Guestbook unchecked.


Now that you have everything selected all you need to do is agree to the terms of service and click on “Create My Website”:



Step 4 – Choosing a Domain Name for Your Free Website

Your almost there! You just need to come up with a Domain Name for your Free Website with After you clicked on “Create My Website” you were brought to a screen that says “Great! Now let’s choose a domain name for your website!” For this tutorial we are only creating a free website with so you can just ignore the “Register Your Own Domain” Field. You will want to chose “Use a free subdomain on” and enter in the URL that you want for your free site. If the domain name is already taken then they will let you know. We decided to pick “” just to keep up with our theme here. It happened to be available so we clicked on “Create My Website” to finish the process. Please view the image below to further assist you:


Step 5 – Creating a Free Website with

Congratulations, you have now successfully created a free website with! From this point on they offer a great getting started platform that guides you to every step you need to take. As soon as you hit “Create My Website” they loaded a page for you that has a pop up that says “Start Tour”. Make sure you click on Start Tour and it will guide you to complete your website. It should look like this:





If you feel as if you will not need to take their tour (not recommended) then you can just “X” out and start on your own.


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