Webstarts.com is an easy way to create a free website in a matter of minutes. On “How to Create a Website Online”, we will show you exactly how to start your free Webstarts.com website with ease. This is a tutorial that will show you exactly how to create a free website with webstarts and we have included pictures to make it even easier for you!

If you go to “Webstarts.com” and click on their “About Us’ tab, you will read this, “Frustrated with the high cost and long wait times of hiring professional designers to maintain my website, I went in search for a do it yourself website builder. I soon realized do-it-yourself website builders didn’t provide the flexibility to create a unique website that reflected my products and services. Stifled by these limitations I set out to create a new way to build websites. A way where everyday people could create unique pages without knowing any code and without the harsh limitations of other website builders.” That is their premise for why they created Webstarts.com in the first place and hopefully instills a bit of confidence for you before you spend the time to create one with them.

Step 1 – Make Sure You Are On “www.WebStarts.com”

At the top of your web browser, you should see this as the Domain Name.

webstarts_screenshotScreenshot of Webstarts.com taken on 1/1/2013

Step 2 – Signing Up For Your Free Account

Creating your account with Webstarts is a very easy process. If you have a Facebook account you can just sign in using that, if that’s the case you can just skip this step. If you don’t have a Facebook account or you would like to keep your website separate(recommended) from your personal account, then this is how you create a free account.

You are going to need to type in your Full Name, Email Address, and come up with a Password. They mention on their website that “We never share your email address or spam you” which is good information to know. Type in all your information like we have below:


Step 3 – Choose A Design For Your Website

Another easy step with Webstarts.com is choosing your design. You can skip this step but we recommend that you pick a design template right off the bat. Don’t worry, you can always change this design later on. For this tutorial, we just decided to select the first one on the top left of the image below:


Step 4 – Choose Your Website Address (You can always change later)

Now that you have picked your design the next page you will be directed to is for choosing your website address. What you are going to be doing for a free website with webstarts is choosing a “Subdomain”. A Subdomain is a domain name within a main domain name. Don’t worry, you will soon see the picture below and understand what we are talking about.

They also give you the option of purchasing an actual domain name but for this tutorial we are only showing you how to sign up for free. Check out the image below:


For this we have decided to pick “How To Create A Website Online . WebStarts.com”. This is where you can enter your URL name. Example: If your website is about cats, then a smart subdomain choice would be “Cats.WebStarts.com”. They will tell you right then and there if your URL is available.

Make sure you hit continue.


Now your website is created! Webstarts.com has an excellent interface and has multiple resources for further setting up the website you just created. For now, we will show you how to set up your homepage.

Step 5 – Setting Your Homepage

Setting up your free homepage is very simple. After you created your account you will see a screen like this:


On this exact screen you will see a link called “Set Home Page”


After you click “Set Home Page” a little popup window will come up on the screen asking you for what page you would like to set. Since this is just a tutorial we are going to set the homepage as the “About” page.


Step 6 – Viewing Your Brand New Free Website On WebStarts.com

On the dashboard you can find the link in the top right corner but you can also just type the URL in to your web browser like so:


There you go! You now have you very own free website. Creating a free website with Webstarts.com is very easy to do and we are glad you chose to view our tutorial. Thank You!