Congratulations on your decision to create your very own website!

Learning how to create a website of your very own will save you plenty of time and money while also giving you a lucrative advantage against your competitors.

If your wondering how to create a website then you have come to the right place. We have plenty of resources that will guide you in the right direction and have you creating your very own website in no time!

Create a Website

You came to this page to learn How to Create a Website for a particular reason. You might own a small business and your trying to reach a broader audience or you might want to just create a blog for fun. Whatever your reason may be for wanting your very own website, we have you covered.

Creating a website to most people sounds like a very difficult task but I promise you it can be a lot of fun if you pay attention to the resources that we offer here for free. In order to create a website with no prior knowledge your going to need information that is actually going to help you to succeed. There are plenty of links on How to Create A Website Online that you will never have to even leave our website.

Check out our Step by Step guide on How to Create a Website with Bluehost here!

Create a Free Website

For those of you who are just starting out, it might be a good idea to start off with a free website. A free website doesn’t give you your own “.com” name but it does give you all the necessary resources to learn the basics and to produce full content. There are plenty of website’s already out there that offer you an ability to Create a Free Website.

If you own your own business you are going to want to purchase a web host and a domain name. If you just want to do a blog type website, a free website might be the way to go. You can always move your free content over to your paid URL in the future if you decide you are ready for your own “.com” name.

If you are interested in creating a free website, please click here to get started!

Create a .com Website

If you are confident in your learning abilities, then we suggest you create a .com website. A “.com” or a “URL” is a unique name for your website. It is also referred to as the domain name. If you look up towards your search bar you will see a specific “.com” in the address bar.

Example: url

The example above is the URL for the website you are currently on right now. In order to get this “.com” name, we had to pay for it. It is actually very inexpensive to run your own website at first considering you will not have that much traffic going to it and your hosting options are unlimited. Also, if you need a more powerful host setup in the future, it’s very easy to transfer your website to a more powerful server.

If you are interested in creating a “.com” website, please click here.


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