What’s the Easiest Way To Create a Website? WordPress

The easiest way by far to creating a website is to use WordPress.

WordPress is really the standard right now for people building their very own websites because it is easy to use and highly configurable. Almost every single website I do is with WordPress. What I do is purchase my domain name, and if you need help with that check out my step by step guide, and then I install WordPress to the root directory of my website.

Once WordPress is installed in your root directory, you don’t really even have to go into your server anymore because you can control everything from the WordPress platform.

WordPress Makes it Easy

If you read my step by step guide in creating a website, you will know that WordPress is able to be installed directly from your bluehost server. They offer WordPress directly on cPanel which makes it very easy to install. If your server does not offer WordPress, just go to WordPress.org and download the newest version and upload it to your root directory.

Once you upload it to your main index, you just click on the install.php link and it will navigate you through it all. Then WordPress is officially set up and you won’t have to worry about uploading or installing anything else to your main index or root files.

Once I come out with the eBook for How to Create a Website Online, which includes how to create a .com website, and also how to install WordPress and use every single aspect,you will have everything you need in order to succeed with your very own domain name.