Buying a Domain Name Tips – Helpful Guide

Buying a Domain Name


Buying a Domain Name is something you may consider if you own your own business, want to start your own business, or you just want to create a blog and express your opinions on anything you want. Buying an actual domain name is the best way to go because it gives your visitors a place to go directly when they are trying to find you. Most domain names end with a “.com” however there are different variations like “.net” or “.org” you could also get your hands on. If you are just starting out we suggest going with a “.com” because they seem to rank much better in the search engines. This isn’t really documented anywhere or scientific fact, however in our experience “.com’s” seem to be the best bet.

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Buying a Domain Name Tips

When you are buying a domain name you want to make sure you are confident in the name because you don’t want to have to change it later on. The second you purchase a domain name you are developing a brand or furthermore expanding your already established brand. If you tend to change things often people are not going to find your new domain this is why it is important to find a solid “.com” name before making that purchase.

The first thing you want to do is come up with a domain name that represents your company, idea or blog. Now the internet has been around for a while now and plenty of domain names have been taken. However don’t let discourage you from coming up with your own domain name. If you spend some time and get creative, you will find a perfect domain name for your website. Once you have come up with a solid name you are going to want to check and see if that name is available.

You can check the availability of a domain name below with our simple Domain Name Checker:

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Now before you check to see if your domain name is available, make sure you are ready to buy. There are people who sit and watch what domain names are being checked and purchase them right away so they can profit off of the name you want. Although this is a rumor among the internet world, it could very well be true so we don’t want you to lose out on your domain name. We highly encourage you to keep the domain name idea to yourself and not to post the idea on a forum/blog because there are people out there who will snatch it up and try to overcharge you for the name. Also don’t be discouraged if the name you just looked up is unavailable. We create website constantly and we go through sometimes 20+ domain names before we find one that is available. The more creative you are, the better chances of finding a domain name that isn’t taken.

Don’t Overpay for a Domain Name


  • Typical Available Domain Name Price: $15.00 to $45.00 Per Year (This is per year and typically comes with privacy options as well. Learn how you can get a FREE Domain Name.)
  • Premium Domain Name Price: A premium domain name could be anywhere from $500 to $250,000 depending what the name is and the business associated with it. (This is for website names that are already taken or pre-existing businesses that are for sale. You will also have to pay to own the registrar rights yearly after you pay the premium price. We highly suggest against this unless you are an advanced website owner and know exactly what you are doing.)
  • Website Hosting Plans: Now Remember, the price above is for the Domain Name, that doesn’t include a hosting plan.

In the past it was often suggested that the smaller the domain name, like 3-5 letters, the better. That may have been the case and could possibly still be the case since the demand is still there, however think about how you search the web. Also finding a short letter domain name is pretty much impossible unless you want to pay a premium price. We suggest never paying a premium price for a domain name because it isn’t necessary anymore. Do you use a search engine most of the time like Google or do you actually type in the URL you are trying to visit? Our URL is pretty long for your typical domain name, being How to Create a Website Online .com, we decided to explain what we were all about in our domain name instead of keeping it short. If you happened to find us in a search engine or a social media link then our point is shown right there. We don’t bank on people typing in the full URL for our website but we made it a simple enough phrase to remember regardless.

How to Buy a Domain Name


Buying a Domain Name can be a scary idea but we promise you it is very simple and easy to do. Now we suggest, when buying a domain name, that you also combine hosting with it also. If you need to learn more about hosting a website please reference our Buying a Hosting Plan Guide. Basically in order to do anything with your domain name you need a hosting plan behind it. Hosting enables you to add content, upload & store picture, add a content management system like WordPress or Magento, create your very own email and pretty much is the entire backbone of your domain name.

If you think you are ready to dive into the creative world of owning your own domain name, you can start the process right here.